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John C.  Maxwell

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Follow Them and People Will Follow You

Every time I read this, something different resonates with me. This is my go-to when people ask what book on leadership I recommend they read.  This is an absolute must for all leaders, regardless of the experience level they feel they have.

21 Irrefutable Laws.jpg

Michael D. Watkins

The First 90 Days

Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter

Watkins provides great suggestions and strategies for anyone starting a new job or leadership position. As an Air Force officer, I start a new job every two to three years. This book has helped me be very efficient at transitioning to new jobs. It shows the reader how to secure success with a new team and new boss.

First 90 Days.jpg

Susan Cain


The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

People don't often associate introverted personalities with leadership, yet some of the best leaders out there are introverts. Just because they're not loud and outgoing doesn't mean they're incapable of being effective leaders. Cain explains the differences between introverts and extroverts and shows introverts how to tap into their strengths to be inspirational leaders.


Joseph McCormack


Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less

Have you ever sat through a presentation and wondered when the presenter was going to get to the point? Or have you given a presentation and the non-verbal feedback around the room is less than thrilling? In his book, McCormack shows how to communicate more effectively with senior leaders, peers, subordinates and clients.


James Clear

Atomic Habits

An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Clear offers excellent insight into how and why habits are formed and broken. If you want to lead yourself authentically, you need to commit to good habits. His methods make it so developing the habits you want less overwheming.

Atomic Habits.jpg

Brené Brown


The Gifts of Imperfection

Many people feel they have to be perfect, or at least appear to be perfect, in order to be effective leaders. This is far from true and they wouldn't be leading their lives authentically if they were trying to be perfect all the time. Brown shares stories about the stresses that come with trying to be perfect and ways to let go and accept imperfection.


Sam Horn

Got Your Attention?

How to Create Intrigue and Connect with Anyone

I like the stories and examples Horn provides to improve the way we communicate to present ourselves.

Got Your Attention.jpg

Lisa See

The Island of Sea Women

A Novel


Island of Sea Women.jpg

Karl E. Weick

Kathleen M. Suttcliffe

Managing the Unexpected

Sustained Performance in a Complex World


Managing the Unexpected.jpg

William R. Forstchen

One Second After

A Novel

How would our society as we know it deal with the unthinkable? I love the way the main character faces incredible challenges and brings much needed leadership to his community during a time of crisis. 

One Second After.jpg

Lisa See

The Island of Sea Women

A Novel


Island of Sea Women.jpg

Col Thomas J. Gordon, USMC (ret)

Marine Maxims

Turning Leadership Principles into Practice

Retired USMC Colonel Gordon shares leadership principles that have helped him succeed in his military career. Most of these principles are applicable in any organization and in life. I recommend this to anyone who aspires to be a military commander.

Marine Maxims.jpg

John C. Maxwell

Leadership Gold

Lessons I've Learned from a Lifetime of Leading

This is a collection of leadership lessons John has learned over the years and now shares with you in a way that's easy to understand. He challenges you to look within and do an honest assessment of where you are as a leader and what you can do to be better.

Leadership Gold.jpg

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler

The Introverted Leader

Building on Your Quiet Strength


Introverted Leader.jpg

John C.  Maxwell

Everyone Communicates Few Connect

What the Most Effective People Do Differently

Have you ever worked for a person who just didn't get it? Maybe it was someone who didn't see the members of their team as actual people, or they didn't see the value of understanding another person's perspective. This book shares stories and suggestions on ways to connect with other people and explains why it's important for leaders to understand how to do this well.

Everyon Communicates.jpg

Bonnie Garmus

Lessons in Chemistry

A Novel

Although this is a fiction novel, the main character proves to be an encouraging leader who inspires others to achieve their dreams and goals. She does it by leading herself authentically and doesn't compromise her values or her beliefs, nor does she allow others to define who she is.

Lessons in Chemistry.jpg

Justin Cronin

The Ferryman

A Novel

This is one of those novels where things aren't what they seem to be. The choices the main character makes aren't easy. But then doing the right thing isn't always easy, is it?

The Ferryman.jpg

Elliot Ackerman

Admiral James Stavridis


A Novel of the Next World War

Scary thought


Kristin Hannah

The Four Winds

A Novel


Four Winds.jpg

Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale

A Novel



Sheryl Sandberg

Lean In

Women, Work and the Will to Lead


Lean In.jpg

Lisa See

The Island of Sea Women

A Novel


Island of Sea Women.jpg
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